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FarmaVita S.A.C. is a renowned distributor of the Peruvian pharmaceutical sector certified in GSP, GDTP, and by the HODELPE Corporation

We are part of the Advance Scientific Group and were created to meet and satisfy the needs and requirements of the pharmaceutical sector, providing welfare to Peruvian society. We are dedicated to the importing, marketing, and distribution of high-quality pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Innovating to save lives


Our company understands the needs of the industry and works to ensure the provisioning of pharmaceuticals and/or devices required by public and private institutions complying with GSP and GDTP standards in Peru


We have established commercial alliances with recognized international laboratories enabling us to supply quality products to the various entities of the public and private health sectors


Our challenge is to increase the quality of health in Latin America, providing innovative technologies to quickly and consistently treat pathologies of high complexity


Farma Vita Group is a company certified in Good Storage Practices (GSP), which allows us to guarantee the condition of our Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, and Health Care Products from reception, during storage, and up to the end of the product supply chain.
We are certified in Good Distribution and Transportation Practices (GDTP), which guarantees compliance with high conservation standards for the supply, handling, storage, and transport of medicines for human use and their active ingredients.
We have a certification from HODELPE’s supplier homologation process. This management tool allows us to have an adequate process to perform the services we offer. It also certifies the continuous improvement of our efficiency standards and minimizes risks according to the mission and vision of the organization.